Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) is actively engaged in the running of the Surgery and meets quarterly with the Practice Manager and Staff to discuss the Practice. This provides an opportunity to keep up to date with local/regional/national initiatives and to offer suggestions and support the Practice. Anyone who is a registered patient at Highview Medical Centre can apply to join the PPG  (the Practice does have a right to refuse an individual wanting to join the PPG if it considers it is in the best interest of the individual or the Practice).

The quarterly meeting is for up to 16 members and beyond that we are looking to have an online community that the surgery and the PPG can contact to share ideas and initiatives and to seek feedback and comments. At present we are at full membership capacity for the ‘face to face’ meetings, so if the online community is of interest please let us know as we are very keen to develop this. If you are interested in becoming part of our PPG, initially through the online community, please email us at

Topics Discussed at Last Meeting January 2020:

  • Updating PPG page on Highview’s website
  • Local 3PPG initiatives ~ continued collaboration with Annandale & Parkfield PPGs to look at initiatives for the Community
  • Steering Group Meeting to plan 2020 Health & Wellbeing Event
  • Chatter Tables ~ new initiative at Wyllyotts Theatre
  • Update on Highview staffing and proposed changes to emergency appointment bookings
  • Cancer Awareness Training Session being made available to local PPGs by Herts
  • Valley Clinical Commissioning Group

Potters Bar Annual Health & Wellbeing Event

In September 2019 this successful and well attended annual event took place again at the Wyllyotts Theatre. It was organised by the Patient Participation Groups from the three Potters Bar Surgeries, supported by Hertsmere Council. Local people attended to hear talks from GPs and medical professionals on Mindfulness, Coronary Artery Disease, Golden Age Of Skin, Pharmacy Services and participated in taster sessions including singing, dance, chair based exercise, CPR training. Over 30 organisations had stands providing information and advice on a wide range of community based services, support and activities.

Dementia Friendly Local Initiatives

Members from our PPG attend meetings to plan and support Dementia Friendly Initiatives in the local area. The last meeting was attended by over 19 representatives from local organisations. We are actively working with the Alzheimer’s Society to make Potters Bar a Dementia Friendly Town – where people living with dementia and their carers are respected, acknowledged and understood. We are supporting Wyllyotts Theatre to put on dementia friendly screenings linking with Chatter Table sessions. We also hope to provide free Dementia Friends sessions to anyone interested in knowing how they can help individuals or spot the signs of someone who is living with dementia.

Chatter Tables

Highview PPG has led the introduction of monthly Chatter Table mornings at Wyllyotts Theatre cafe. This is a really great initiative aimed at people who live or spend a lot of time on their own and would enjoy having a cup of tea and a chat and meeting new people. Open to Potters Bar residents of all ages, so if that appeals to you why not take that first step and come and join us.

Dates: Wednesdays 11 March, 22 April. 10.30am -12.00. Free tea and coffee provided. There is also the option of staying on to attend an afternoon film screening at 1.00pm.
Information flyer available at Highview and on Library noticeboard.