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New Leaf – Recovery & Wellbeing

New Leaf offer hope for the future despite life’s challenges, opportunity, learning from other students’ experiences, equipping students with the skills to make changes to support their wellbeing. The college is not somewhere to obtain qualifications but to learn self-management and personal development.

Recovery colleges offer educational courses about mental wellbeing supporting personal recovery. The ethos is to increase students’ knowledge and skills and help them take control by learning self-management strategies to help their mental health and wellbeing. The concept emerged by recognising people as being experts in their own care, and the belief that their views should be central to their recovery journey.

New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College is passionate about making sure students are placed at the centre of all we do. We build on people’s strengths and support people to move from ‘patient’ to ‘student’ and sometimes ‘teacher’ within the college. We work together collaboratively at every level, assisting the individual in their personal recovery journey to share and empower others in their personal recovery.

The college offers hope, opportunities and the tools for students to self-manage and takes control. We offer students support, resources, and the time to reflect to discover how to manage their own well-being.

For courses available please click on the following link: New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College Courses A-Z