Monthly Archives: September 2020

Business as Usual but with a few adaptations

As we continue to operate with Covid 19 in the community we are pleased that we have continued to offer a full service to our patients all be it in a slightly different format.

  • GP appointments are being booked in as a telephone call and then the doctor decides on one of four routes:
    • The doctor is able to deal with query with either advice and guidance; or is able to make a referral or issue a prescription to be sent straight to the pharmacy.
    • The doctor needs to see a rash ( for example) and the patient will be given guidance on how to text or email a photo of the rash
    • The doctor wishes to gain more details and converts the phone call to a face to face video examination such as a with an ill child
    • The doctor and patient jointly deem it appropriate that a face to face consultation is required and an appointment is allocated by the doctor

This system has proved very popular with most of our patients as it has meant that their query is dealt with immediately and they do not have to make a physical trip to the doctors; sit amongst other sick patients and wait for their appointment, then take the prescription to the chemist etc… Patients are able to take the call at work or in the comfort of their home reducing the inconvenience; whilst knowing that if they needed to see a doctor this can be accommodated either by video link or face to face when deemed clinically necessary.

  • Nurses appointments are being booked for smears; blood tests; childhood vaccinations ; dressings etc. and there are now very few services that we are still unable to provide although Travel Vaccinations; spirometry and ear syringing (to name a few) are still not reactivated. Some services such as annual asthma checks are being conducted by telephone as the information can be gathered and decisions made by phone and it enables those that perhaps found it difficult to come for an annual review to ( where appropriate) give an update by phone. All nurses appointment patients will be pre-screened for Covid symptoms and patients MUST NOT attend if symptomatic, so that our staff can remain well and able to offer our community the services they want.
  • e- consult is a new avenue that we have launched for a wide range of conditions via our website. You can look up conditions and will be directed to the best solution for that condition. You may be guided to exercises; advised of allied health professionals who can assist or it may result in a prescription being issued or a doctor contacting you for a consultation.

Sick notes; contraception repeats etc. can all be requested via this forum so it may be worth a try? This is growing in popularity as it means you can fill it in during an evening and it will get processed within 48 hours ( this is for non-urgent problems). This saves you trying to get through at 8am if that is inconvenient for you.

  • Prescriptions. These are all being sent electronically to your nominated chemist, saving you the hassle of picking them up then taking them to the chemist and waiting for them to be dispensed. Repeat medications can be requested via our website ( see repeat prescriptions); Patient Access or NHS App, or send an email to . Alternatively if you have no access to these forums you can phone your pharmacist to place it for you or you can put a request in the Highview box outside the building.

We want to sincerely thank our patients for their support and adapting with us as we continue to manage patients health in different circumstances.