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Information for New University Entrants. Meningitis & Septicaemia ….

You may have heard of MenC and MenB as causes of Meningitis & Septicaemia – now there’s and increase in MenW infection as well.

  • Meningitis and septicaemia can kill very quickly
  • Cases caused by meningococcal W (MenW) bacteria are increasing in the UK
  • All age groups are being affected but teenagers and young adults have a higher risk of meningococcal disease
  • A vaccination programme is being introduced to provide added protection against MenW and to reduce the spread of the disease to others
  • The MenACWY vaccine that will be used will protect against 4 meningococcal groups (A, C, W and Y) is available from August 2015
  • Even if you have already had a MenC vaccine you should have the MenACWY vaccine
  • You’re in a high risk group, so make sure you don’t miss out on your vaccination
  • If you are starting university in 2015, go to your GP to get the vaccination before you go but if you miss out register with a GP at uni and get the vaccination there